What Steps Can I Take to Increase Water Pressure?

After a long day of working outside, you want to jump in the shower and enjoy the warm water. You also want to feel that water flowing after a hard day at the office, after running errands around town and when you get ready in the morning. Low water pressure can leave you feeling frustrated and even angry. While some people will tell you to increase water pressure with new pipes, we know that is a costly and time consuming process. Whether you want to work with one of our fast response plumbers or on your own, you can improve the water pressure in your bathroom.

Clean the Shower Head

Did you know that mineral deposits and other debris on your shower head can limit the amount of water that comes through? If you notice that the water pressure in your bathroom isn’t as good as it once was, those deposits might be the culprit. Take the shower head out of the bathroom, place it in a bucket filled with vinegar and let it sit for several hours. Scrub the top of the head with a sponge, and remove trapped on debris with a toothpick before reattaching the shower head.

Adjust the Supply Valve

If you want to increase water pressure in your house, see if you have a supply valve. Many older homes have a supply valve that determines how much water moves through the pipes, and you might find a similar valve on a newly constructed home. Use a wrench to remove the nut on the top of the pipe connected to the valve, and turn the valve in a clockwise direction. Check the water pressure in your bathroom and continue adjusting the value until you reach the strength you want.

Use a Booster Pump

A professional plumber knows a number of tips and tricks that can improve your water pressure. When you call about our plumbing services, we can schedule an appointment. One of our plumbers will come to your home, check out your pipes and plumbing system and decide which option is right for you. Many homeowners can benefit from the use of a water pressure booster. This booster attaches to the existing plumbing system and forces the water to come through the pipes at a faster rate, which can increase water pressure.

If DIY methods don’t result in any pressure changes, don’t hesitate to ask to ask a professional for a little advice and guidance. Ariel Services, Inc. has emergency services 24/7 and is happy to help with all your plumbing needs.