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5 At-Home Methods to Seal a Leaky Pipe

How to Seal a Leaky Pipe

Issues occur every day whether it’s getting locked out of the house, forgetting your phone or car maintenance issues. These issues lead people to become anxious and immediately fix the situation. Leaky pipes, however, are just as frustrating, but homeowners will push this problem aside, even racking up a water bill due to pure laziness. You wouldn’t sit there all day with a leaky nose, would you? So why do it with your pipes?

Temporary Solutions for Sealing a Leaky Pipe

  • The Pencil Trick: If you’ve finally gotten around to fixing that pipe, grab a pencil. No, not for notes. Stick that pencil in the hole and break it off. Wrap the pipe with electrician’s tape. Put some putty over the tape to stop the leaking but make sure you wait an hour before turning the water back on.
  • Use Rubber: Tightly wrap rubber over the pipe and clamp it with a C clamp. Additionally, hose clamps around the rubber covering the hole could be used to keep the water from leaking.
  • A Helpful Garden Hose: A garden hose acts as a great solution if you don’t have rubber. All you have to do is cut a sliver of the garden hose and position it over the hole. Grab hose clamps to keep it in place and the water should stop leaking!

Permanent Solutions for Sealing a Leaky Pipe

  • Pipe Clamp: A leaking pipe can be permanently repaired simply with the use of a pipe clamp. A rubber gasket is already attached to the clamp and designed to fit around the leaky pipe. Tighten the screw over the clamp, hold it in place and make your permanent seal. Pipe clamps are a very cheap purchase and can be sold at any hardware store.
  • Braided Metal Tubes: One of the more common ways to fix a leaking pipe is with a braided metal tube. It not only allows you to repair your pipe but you can fix a small pinhole leak. This product is especially handy with pipe repairs because it can easily bend and handle a wide array of pipes. When using the braided metal tube, make certain to drain all water out of the pipes and then cut out the damaged section of your pipe. You’ll notice the compression coupling on the tube; center this against the damaged section of the pipe. Be sure to mark the pipe about an inch from each end of the coupling. The pipe should be cut out at the marks and then slide the coupling on the ends of the water pipe. Next, attach the repair coupling. Once you’ve tightened the compression fittings, turn the water back on to check the leaks.

There are numerous ways to fix your leaking pipe even if it is just temporary. Don’t waste money and your sanity listening to a leaking pipe. If you need immediate assistance, Ariel Services, Inc. will provide competitive rates and a team of highly trained professionals.