How Do I Stop Clogs From Forming?

A clogged drain is a frustrating problem that affects any sink, shower or toilet in the home, from the bathroom to the kitchen. Aprofessional plumber may need to be called in if clogs persist, but there are several ways you can stop clogs from forming at all.

Drain Strainer
Plumbing work can be expensive to pay for, especially if your clog repair is extensive. Avoid clogged drains by using a drain strainer. Available at any home improvement store, these strainers effectively catch any debris that falls into the open piping. Showers, sinks and even floor drains can have strainers. You should clean them out periodically to avoid debris from pushing through the mesh holes.Keep

Foreign Objects Away

A clogged drain can be completely avoided if objects are not forced down drains. Keep young children away from toilets to prevent toys and curious hands from exploring the water. Even highly trained residential plumbers have problems removing the latest toy from the plumbing. Teach everyone about proper toilet paper use. Clogged drains in the toilet are often caused by simple toilet paper wads. Drain snakes may be necessary if objects become lodged in any pipe.

Boil Some Water

Avoid clogged kitchen sinks by boiling water in a large pan. Pour the water down the drain.The hot water efficiently melts away any grease and stuck debris in the plumbing. If you use this boiling water technique each month, you’ll find that water quickly drains without any clogging issues. You’ll save yourself a lot of money by performing your own clog repair preventive measures.

Fats Belong In The Trash

You may be used to pouring oils and fats down the sink, but clogged kitchen sinks become even larger problems if you continue this habit. Pour any oils or fats into a sturdy container. Allow the fats to coagulate and throw them in the trash. This coagulation is the problem in plumbing. When you pour fats consistently down the drain, they slowly build up along the piping. They eventually form a tight seal within the piping. If it becomes lodged deep in the piping, extensive plumbing services may be necessary. Do your plumbing a favor and keep it free from fats and other food debris.

Follow these key steps to keep your sinks, tubs and toilets free from clogs. Plumbing is an intricate system. The cleaner it remains, the longer it will last.