What Does a Closet Auger Do?

A closet auger is used when a standard plunger is not able to unclog a toilet. This tool is designed specifically to dislodge intense clogs by use of a flexible cable and hand crank. Using a closet auger generally comes after attempting to unclog a toilet with a plunger. If the blockage is deep within the drain pipe, the toilet auger will not work and a professional plumber must be contacted.

A closet auger comes into play when you need to hook onto the blockage to dislodge it. The closet auger is roughly 3ft and composed of a 3 foot flexible steel coil with a sharp head. This coil is wrapped in a vinyl or plastic sleeve that can be manipulated by a hand crank which is connected to the top of the sleeve. When the crank is turned, the auger hook is turned into the drain or trapway.

How Do I Use a Closet Auger?

The crank should first be pulled through the sleeve of the auger until the auger head makes contact with the sleeve.

Insert the auger into the toilet bowl until the tube is against the bottom of the toilet bowl’s hole. Make certain that the curve of the metal is facing the direction in which the toilet drains.

Turn the crank clockwise while holding the auger steady. Push the spring of the auger through the drain until you hit the clog or the auger will not extend further. The auger head will twist and turn, blockages loosen and then break apart.

Pull out the item that is clogging the toilet and if the auger gets caught, turn the crank back and fourth. Push and pull the sleeve without forcing the auger or you could potentially crack the toilet. If you do not hit the clog, pull the coil in and out of the drain.

Re-plunge the toilet once the clog has been dislodged to make sure the obstruction is cleared and flushed.

A closet auger is a great technique to use when a plunger just doesn’t cut it. If you’ve attempted several times to unclog a toilet with an auger, contact a professional plumber at Ariel Services, Inc. to save the day. We have various tools and techniques to unclog a toilet without damaging your toilet bowl.