Installing an Outdoor Shower

Anyone who lives near the beach understands the annoyance that comes from tracking sand throughout the house. This is when outdoor showers come in handy. Choosing the layout and location of the shower can seem like fun but when it comes to plumbing, this can be a disaster. It’s best to call a professional plumber when installing an outdoor shower. If you install an outdoor shower yourself, you could end up making any number of first time mistakes. Those mistakes will cost you more money in the long run.

Two Different Shower Types

Standalones and wall-mounts are the only shower types to choose from. When selecting a standalone, keep in mind that these showers are attached to flexible hosing which makes them mobile. Wall-mounts are in a permanent location. A shower can easily be hooked up to a garden hose and showerheads can be bought at any hardware store. Generally, portable showers are the most inexpensive option, ranging anywhere from $50-$300.

When working with a wall-mounted shower, it is connected to an outdoor plumbing supply that is attached to the house itself. Plumbing is less exposed and comes at a cheaper price. Along with this, there is a greater selection for shower enclosures.

Designing and Installing

Rather than thinking up a layout and just getting started, hiring a designer will save you a lot of time and frustration. Designers can make sure everything will get done and remain within your budget. This person can also oversee the plumbers, masons and fence installers so everything runs smoothly. Lastly, designers can think up hundreds of designs you never would have imagined including niches built into the exterior walls of the home for soap, shampoos and towel racks.

Cracks in the tiles and concrete can become a major issue if the shower is not installed properly. The pitch and drainage must be done perfectly or water can seep in, leading to huge problems.


Constructing an outdoor shower enclosure is a simple project, incorporating similar techniques and building supplies as a deck or fence. Some companies do sell ready-made shower enclosures. Prices of these can range from $650-$1,500 and come featured with benches, towel racks and soap dishes. However, getting one custom made is well worth it so you can choose your own features and have a much sturdier enclosure.


In New York, the weather is always fluctuating and temperatures can drop down to the teens. If you have built a permanent outdoor shower, you will need to frost-proof fixtures which are a bit more pricey. If you do not buy these than your pipes could blow out. For portable showers, lines only need to stay protected from damage or cold weather.

Ariel Services, Inc. can assist with your outdoor shower project. We have all the tools and equipment to help you install the shower of your dreams. All of our staff is fully trained and has undergone an extensive background check so we can handle any type of plumbing repair or installation.