How To Install A Toilet On A Concrete Floor

Purchasing a larger home can be costly, which is why many families are choosing to renovate their basement for additional space. A bathroom is one of the most common rooms that are added during a basement renovation. Depending on the structure of the basement, plumbing work can be a simple process but installing your toilet on the concrete floor may take some work. In this blog, Ariel Services, Inc. offers some helpful tips for how to install a toilet on a concrete floor.

How to Mount a Toilet to a Concrete Floor

1. Smooth Out The Concrete Floor

First and foremost, it is crucial that the concrete floor has the correct piping before you begin the installation.

  • Rising from the concrete should be a 3-inch diameter drainage pipe and along the adjacent wall, there should be a water supply pipe.
  • Generally, the concrete floor is mounded around the drainage pipe.
  • This area must be buffed down with a concrete grinder in order to remove the excess concrete.

2. Install The Floor Flange

Once the drainage pipe has been prepared, a floor flange must be installed.

  • The floor flange is a durable ring that fits over the drainage pipe, creating a solid foundation for the toilet.
  • The flange should be placed over the pipe so it lays flat against the concrete floor.
  • Screw down the flange with a masonry drill and then fit the heads of locking bolts into the grooves on the flange.
  • The bolts should now be sticking up so the toilet can be placed over them. You will notice the bolts sticking out from the sides of the toilet’s base.
  • Next, place nuts over the bolts followed by decorative caps so no metal is revealed.

3. Hook Up the Water

Now that the toilet is securely in place, the water supply needs to be connected.

  • Check the underside of the toilet tank where you will find a small hose extending outward.
  • Make sure a shutoff valve is installed which can be purchased at any hardware store.
  • Use a Dremel tool to cut off excess piping.
  • Slide the valve over the pipe until it cannot be pushed any further.
  • The connecting hose from the toilet should be screwed into the port at the top of the valve.

When In Doubt, Call In A Professional Plumber

It is important that you have a clear understanding of how to install a toilet along with having all the necessary tools. People like to cut corners which can lead to major setbacks and become costly. Contact Ariel Services, Inc., where our professional New York City plumbers have been thoroughly trained in toilet installation. In the long run, you will be saving a bundle of money by getting it done right the first time.

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