The Importance of Enzyme Products

We have all seen dozens of ads for plumbing products that don’t actually work. Sure they have a catchy slogan and smell like oranges, but what about when you actually use it? Nothing happens and that’s a problem. Generally, homeowners don’t truly investigate the ingredients or quality in the products they are buying. In turn, they are spending much more replacing these products one after another. The solution? Enzyme products.

What Exactly are Enzymes?

Enzymes main purpose is to start chemical reactions. An enzyme is a 3 dimensional structure that is composed of amino acids. These amino acids are placed in the protein family of organic compounds. Enzymes specific function is to break down larger molecules into smaller ones, thereby accelerating chemical reactions.

What Makes Enzyme Products So Great?

Good for the Environment

Enzyme products have been exploding on the market because they are 100% safe for the environment. Harsh chemicals are never used in enzyme cleaners so any waste is converted into carbon dioxide and water.

They Work Even When You’ve Stopped

Once you’ve stopped cleaning your bathroom with the enzyme product, the cleaner continues to travel down the p-traps and grout lines. The best part? Once you are done, the enzymes are still working on killing unpleasant odors. If the surface remains wet, the odor-causing organisms are destroyed for up to 80 hours. Enzyme-based cleaners can also penetrate into difficult to reach areas where traditional household cleaners cannot access.

The Safest Products on the Market

Do you ever scrub your bathroom only to find yourself nearly passed out on the floor several minutes later? I sure hope not but with the harsh chemicals in most products, you’ve probably come close. Well, luckily when you switch over to enzyme cleaning products, there are no hazardous fumes! These products are completely free from vapors, phosphates, chlorine and petroleum surfactants.

How Are Enzyme Products Used in Plumbing?

Enzyme products are extremely useful when it comes to clogged drains. The bacteria found in enzyme drain cleaners can easily digest larger waste and metabolize faster than natural bacteria or yeast additives. Enzyme drain cleaners can digest hair when hair is bonded to the surface of the pipe due to soap, scum, skin, and oils.

If you have a clog in the laundry room drain caused by lint, an enzyme cleaner will not be an effective solution. In cases like this, a plumbing snake should be used and if this doesn’t work, contact the professional plumbers at Ariel Services, Inc. Our staff has the tools, resources, time and experience to get your drained unclogged!