How to Check Plumbing Prior to Purchasing a Home

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time, whether it’s for first time buyers or a growing family. You anticipate picking out the perfect drapes, paints, elegant countertops, etc. Sometimes the whole process of moving can make you giddy so you have to slow down and think about the real hard work that comes along with it. By this, I mean plumbing inspection.

The Hunt for Lead

If you aren’t a hunter…you are now. When purchasing an older home, be aware that there are probably lead pipes which are toxic. Before actually making the purchase, hunt out those lead pipes and check the price for replacement.

Where’s the Shut Off Valve?

Check behind the water meter for the shut off valve to the water supply. Turn the water off with the valve and then turn on the taps. If the water comes out then you need to consider the cost of fixing this.

What’s the Deal with the Water Heater?

If the water heater is older, a costly replacement might be necessary. Search for mineral deposits, corrosion of the tank, and other signs that may indicate the tank needs to be replaced.

Check Out the Sewage

For those of you who don’t like bad smells (assuming this is everyone), see what type of sewage system the house has. Find out where the septic tank is located, the size, where the lines run, and when the last time the sewage was serviced. Also, examine the area for water, bad odors, and any other seepage.

Repairing a septic tank is extremely expensive so you should definitely consider demanding a discount before finalizing the transaction.

Flush Away Toilet Problems

A leaky toilet is an issue. Whether it’s small or not, the leak will grow over time and the floors will rot. Look for any discoloration around the base of the toilet and check if the floor moves or feels soft at the base of the toilet. Do this by using pressing down with your body weight with your foot. The toilet should not show any signs of movement but if it does, the toilet probably has a bad seal or the flange is not secured.

Make sure you know what you are getting yourself into before purchasing a home. Your brand new home may consist of cherrywood floors, crown moulding and granite countertops but don’t forget to check out that toilet! Any leaks and damages must be accounted for.