Common Plumbing Mistakes

When you treat your plumbing poorly, a plumber is necessary. Instances such as overflowing the toilet or stuffing too much food into the garbage disposal can cause absolute chaos. There are several mistakes many individuals make that need to be remedied by a professional plumber. When you need immediate services, contact Ariel Services, Inc.

  • Forgetting the Disposal Plug: Generally, garbage disposals don’t require a plumber when it comes to installation. However, the unit is connected to a dishwasher and the knockout plug in the disposal should be removed first. If the plug isn’t removed and there is a dishwasher, the hole will be blocked where the dishwasher hose connects. This causes major water leakage.
  • Adding Weight to Shower Fixtures: People tend to set up tons of shampoo bottles, soaps, and hair products on shower caddies. These caddies hang off the showerhead and when too much weight is pulling, there goes your shower head! From purchasing a simple $20 shower caddy to hundreds in repairs.
  • Cranking the Faucet Handle: Leaks are common on any sink and can become extremely annoying. Oftentimes, people will push or pull on the faucet handle to try and stop the leak. This only causes further damage as pushing too hard can break the handle.
  • The Water Heater is Not Ready: A water heater must be full of water before it can be turned on. What will happen? It will burn up. So, what you should do is wait for the tank to fill up with water and take the air bubbles out by running water…then turn it on.

Putting Your Plumbing Back Together

When plumbing components are taken apart, sometimes we forget how to put them back together. Take a photo of the disassembly process so you know how to put it back together again. Also, writing down the steps you took to disassemble something will come in handy later.

If you have any issues with your plumbing, Ariel Services, Inc. is the place to call. We can handle any residential, commercial or new construction plumbing. Give us a call today.