Why Does My Garbage Disposal Have an Odd Smell?

If you’re like most people, you use your garbage disposal every day. While you know that you can’t place chicken bones and other heartier trash down your sink, you might not realize that the food you do let move through the disposal can leave behind a dark and intense smell. This smell often occurs because the garbage disposal pressure in your sink isn’t strong enough. When the water pressure is too low, it allows food to remain inside the pipe underneath your sink.

Getting Rid of Odors

One of the more popular remedies involves the use of lemon juice or distilled white vinegar. You pour those ingredients down the drain, let sit for several minutes and then pour cold water down the drain. Some home remedies you can try are baking soda, warm water, dish soap and dozens of other methods which may help. However, if the issue is severe then these solutions may not work.

Deeper Smells

The main reason why so many home remedies fail is because those remedies only work on the scents trapped on the surface of your pipes. Many homeowners don’t realize that their disposals only chop food and trash into smaller pieces and that some of those pieces can lodge in the pipes. Even if you have strong garbage disposal pressure, those food bits can lodge in the U-pipes underneath your sink. As that food rots inside the pipe, it causes a dark scent to rise. Somehomeowners tell us that their disposal smells like a sewer, but we know that we can take care of the problem.

What We Do

One of the more common services offered by a professional plumber is a complete flushing of the garbage disposal. Plumbers can can send a snake down the drain, which winds its way through the pipe and pushes out any trash or food bits trapped inside. If you have a small or large clog, you might notice a disgusting scent coming from the sink and notice that water moves down the drain slower.

Our professional and highly trained plumbers will examine your sink, check the pipes and ensure you have proper garbage disposal pressure. Once we know what caused the problem, we can take care of that unusual odor quickly and easily.