When Should I Replace My Toilet?

Replacing a toilet may not be something that people think about on a regular basis, but the issue will eventually need to be addressed because everything has a shelf-life. The following information will help readers make more informed decisions about toilet replacement and why it is best to get professional help.

Telltale Signs That a Toilet Is No Longer Functional

Rust, cracks and scratches that become harder to treat, recurringclogs and leaks, and tanks that constantly “run” are problems that indicate buying a new toilet is more cost-effective and less time consuming than trying to extend the life of an older one.

Rust Revelations

A rusty toilet tank usually means that water is flowing from rusty pipes or there could be an excessive amount of iron in the water supply, which often means that the toilet itself is just the tip of a plumbing issue that may require extensive and costly repairs depending on the severity of the problem.

Combating Cracks and Scratches

Infomercials touting inexpensive fix-it-yourself items for household items such as toilets can actually exacerbate the problem because the materials are usually substandard in comparison to professional grade products. As a result, spending $20 today may lead to more than $200 in plumbing fees later.

Flushing Money Down the Drain?

Individuals who find themselves having to flush their toilets multiple times when one flush used to do the trick or constantly needing to use a plunger, should consider toilet replacement as a means to avoid unwanted expenditures.

Makeover Mishaps

Some people may find that they need to replace a toilet for aesthetic purposes in cases where it simply does not work with newer décor. Attempting to update an older toilet rather than buying a new one may seem like a smart financial move, but the end may not justify the means. For example, newer toilets typically have plastic fixtures and smaller, more water-efficient tanks than older toilets, which can make finding compatible components difficult.

Reasons to Leave It to the Pros

Some people may feel that replacing a toilet is easy, especially with so many do-it-yourself television programs and videos to watch; however, certain plumbing projects should be left to professional plumbers. For example, a professional plumber will know exactly what is needed for toilet replacement and is often able to buy quality parts at discounted prices. He or she will also be able to complete the project much faster than a novice.