How Does a Plumber Install a Sprinkler System?

One of the most bothersome tasks associated with lawn care and maintenance relates to watering the lawn. A majority of homeowners water their lawn and gardens by dragging a water hose across different areas of their lawn, requiring you to readjust the sprinkler so all areas of the yard receive water. However areas of the yard will receive more water and others will receive less. This can be time-consuming and ineffective in some cases. It can also lead to unnecessary water waste, which can inflate your water bills needlessly.

Installing a sprinkler system may be a better solution, and a professional plumber may provide you with turnkey installation services. This system may help you to reduce water consumption while promoting a healthier lawn.

The Initial Work
As a first step in the installation process, a highly trained plumber will conduct some research on your property before installing a sprinkler system. Initially, the water pressure at your outdoor faucet will be measured, and a design for the sprinkler system will be created. This up-front plumbing work will ensure that your yard receives ample water and that all areas are watered evenly. The plumber may need to make adjustments to your plumbing system if you have low water pressure at your outdoor faucet.

Fast Installation
A fast response plumber will then get started completing the plumbing services related to the installation of the system. This involves marking off the areas where the pipes will be laid in the ground as well as where the sprinkler heads will be placed. The plumber can work quickly to dig the trenches and lay the pipes with quality results. After the pipes have been laid, the sprinkler heads will be attached. The heads will be adjusted so that all areas of the yard receive an even amount of water. To ensure that the system functions efficiently, a timer may be attached to the system so that the yard can be watered on a regularly scheduled basis.

The installation of a sprinkler system can ensure that your yard and garden areas receive the water they need without you having to do any work yourself. The sprinkler may turn on and off on its own regularly, and you will not need to drag the hose around. You can contact Ariel Services, Inc. for more information about the installation of a sprinkler system on your property.