Plunger in a sink

How Do I Unclog a Shower or Bathtub?

A fast response plumber can be a huge help in an emergency, but a simple clogged shower or clogged bathtub is often something you can handle yourself. Try these simple steps before you call a professional to fix clogged bathtub issues.

Clean Out Your Drain

One of the first things you need to do to unclog bathtub clogs is make sure the drain is clear. Unscrew the drain lid if you have one and see if you can take the drain’s hair trap itself out with a screw. Get anything you can get out of the drain and then see if it stays clear when you run hot water. In many cases this is all it takes to fix clogged shower problems.

Try A Hanger

Take a wire hanger and unbend it until it is a nice long length of wire. Try running that wire down into your shower’s drain and pulling up anything you can get. Most of what makes a clogged shower issue is simple hair that gets caught in reachable areas. Avoid contacting a professional plumber when you don’t really need one by trying this simple trick.

Use The Plunger

The plunger you use for your toilet can be useful in order to unclog bathtub drain stoppage that doesn’t need plumbing services. If you have a full bathtub that allows you to cover the plunger area with water, try plunging the drain for awhile to see if you can fix clogged shower problems. Make sure you plunge long enough to see the tub start draining past the clog shower issue if you can.

Try Baking Soda And Vinegar

If your drain simply works slowly, consider pouring down a 1-1 ratio of baking soda and vinegar. This fix efficiently manages to unclog shower blockages that may not need the services of a highly trained professional.

Run Your Water

When you think you’ve managed to unclog shower clogs, run hot water for awhile to make sure you are really getting the draining that you think you have. Sometimes a clogged bathtub problem will seem clear at first when you force a little bit of water past it but clog up again later.

If these simple steps don’t unclog bathtub stoppages or fix a clogged shower, it is time to contact a plumber for help. The right professional can fix clogged bathtub problems no matter what the issue may be with very little hassle.