How Do I Fix a Broken Toilet?

A toilet is one of the sturdiest components of the plumbing system in your home. However, I would guess that just about every home has had problems with it. A clogged toilet, runny toilet, and leaky tank are some pretty common problems you might have with your toilet that require fast toilet repair services.

How to Fix Common Toilet Problems

If you have or had these three common problems, there are some suggestions for sorting them out. When these solutions don’t resolve the issue, it’s probably in your best interest to contact a highly trained professional plumber to quickly remedy your broken toilet issue.

Problem #1 – Low Water Level When Flushing

When you face this type of problem, first check the tank on the toilet to see if the water level inside is okay. Obviously, if there’s no water in the tank, none is going to come out when you flush it. In normal circumstances, the water level should be an inch or two above the overflow tube. If water isn’t entering the tank, you can hold the arm and bend slightly so that water will enter the tank. If you can’t resolve the problem, you may need professional plumbing work on it.

Problem #2 – Leaking Toilet Tank

A toilet tank that leaks is a big problem because not only can it ruin the chinaware, but leave marks on the floor, especially if you use any type of cleaning chemical in the toilet tank. If you notice the tank sweating water on the floor, try using some jackets designed specifically for absorbing the sweat. Another way to resolve this problem is by using a temperature valve. The valve will alleviate the sweating by providing a mix of cold and hot water going inside the tank. This relieves the condensation. Only install this valve if the temperature of your tank remains below 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Problem #3 – Cracked or Broken Toilet Seat

Having a broken or cracked seat is a nuisance and might stop you from using the toilet altogether. That’s a problem! It’s a good thing changing out the seat isn’t that difficult of a task. There are lots of styles of replacement seats out there, even a nice padded one that is extra comfortable! Just find one that suits you best. Make sure you choose the right size. When it comes to toilet bowls, there are only two sizes. After buying the seat, lift up the existing seat, remove the nuts on the hinges holding it in place, and lift the seat off. Use some oil to loosen the nuts if they won’t come off easily or if they are rusted. Once the seat is off, replace it with a new seat cover and replace the nuts.

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